We specialize in a wide range of leading brands including HP Enterprise, Dell EMC, IBM, and more. Our expertise covers various equipment and storage devices, focusing on precision and care.

Our services are tailored to the specific technologies and configurations of each brand, ensuring effective and secure data recovery.

Trust us to navigate the complexities of each system, prioritizing the integrity and safety of your data throughout the recovery process. Choose our services for a focused and proficient approach to data recovery across all major brands.

HP logo
HP Enterprise (HPE)

Formerly under HP, HPE specializes in RAID solutions for enterprise servers and storage systems, incorporating equipment lines such as ProLiant, LefHand and 3PAR Series.

Dell EMC

A subsidiary of Dell Inc., focusing on data storage solutions and servers supporting RAID configurations, including popular products like PowerEdge, PowerVault, EqualLogic, and Compellent Series.


One of the most recognized IT brands in the world, IBM also offers data storage equipment and solutions. They include xSeries and IBM Power Systems renowned for high-performance and reliability.

Supermicro Logo

Specializes in server hardware components used in custom servers, incorporating RAID controllers from various manufacturers.

Custom-built & SOHO Context

On top of working with the most renowned brands in the market, the RAID Specialist also provides specialized support and technical repair for custom-built systems and small office/home office setups. Here, everyone can find solution for their data loss issues.

Seagate Logo

Produces HDDs and SSDs like Seagate Exos and IronWolf, commonly utilized in RAID servers for enhanced redundancy and performance.

Western Digital Logo
Western Digital (WD)

Offers a wide array of storage solutions optimized for various applications, including the WD Red series for NAS systems.

Netgear Logo

Focuses on networking hardware, offering NAS solutions popular for data backup, media streaming, and remote access.

Synology Logo

Specializes in NAS and network storage solutions, popular for home media centers and small businesses.

Drobo Logo
Drobo Beyond RAID

Proprietary technology focused on simplifying storage management while ensuring data redundancy and protection.

Lacie Logo

Known for external storage devices and RAID storage solutions, focusing on design and quality.

Qnap Logo

A Taiwanese company offering a diverse range of NAS devices for various user needs, ensuring centralized storage and data backup.

Buffalo Logo

Japanese tech company providing NAS devices aimed at consumers, small, and medium-sized businesses.

FreeNAS Logo

An open-source NAS operating system, allowing transformation of standard hardware into NAS devices with various RAID level supports.

Lenovo logo

Offers innovative data storage products including external hard drives and NAS solutions, following the acquisition of the Iomega brand.

This shortened version maintains the essence of the information, keeping the brands and their unique offerings intact.

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