Recovering a RAID 5 Configuration After Complete Failure

We are thrilled to share a recent success story showcasing our expertise in data recovery, particularly in a challenging RAID 5 scenario. Our commitment to excellence and advanced technology allowed us to successfully recover critical data for one of our valued clients.

Client Information:

  • Industry: Chemical Industry
  • RAID Configuration: RAID 5
  • Nature of Data Loss: Total RAID Failure
  • Number of disks: 12x 600Gb SAS
  • Volume of Data Recovered: 3.7Tb (a few Xenserver virtual machines)

Our client experienced a catastrophic data loss situation when their RAID 5 array suffered a complete failure. The RAID 5 configuration, known for its fault tolerance, had encountered unforeseen issues, leading to the loss of crucial business data. This situation posed a significant threat to their operations, requiring swift and expert intervention.

  • Complete RAID 5 failure resulting in data inaccessibility.
  • Critical business data at risk, impacting daily operations.
  • Urgent need for a comprehensive and secure data recovery solution.
Our Approach:

Our team immediately initiated a thorough assessment of the RAID 5 system to identify the root cause of the failure. Leveraging advanced tools and methodologies, we meticulously analyzed the parity information and individual disk components to reconstruct the RAID configuration.

Key steps in our approach included:
  • In-depth analysis of RAID 5 structure and parity information.
  • Identification and replacement of failed drives.
  • Utilization of proprietary data recovery software to rebuild the RAID configuration.
  • Extraction and verification of recovered data for integrity.


Our efforts and technical expertise led to the successful recovery of all data from the compromised RAID 5 array. The client’s critical business information, which seemed lost due to the complete RAID failure, was fully restored and verified for accuracy.

Benefits for the Client:

  • Complete recovery of crucial business data
  • Minimal downtime, ensuring business continuity
  • Enhanced confidence in data recovery capabilities

Turnaround: 4 days (considering day 1 as the day we received the disks and day 4 when the customer received the data back).

This successful RAID 5 data recovery case exemplifies our commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable solutions in the field of data recovery. Our team’s proficiency, combined with advanced technology, ensures that even the most challenging data loss scenarios can be effectively addressed.

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