Solving ADAPT RAID Challenges in Dell PowerVault ME5

We are excited to share a recent achievement in data recovery, highlighting our proficiency in handling complex storage systems. Our expertise was put to the test with an Dell PowerVault M5 storage running RAID6 with Adapt RAID, encountered multiple disks failure. Through our strategic approach and advanced techniques, we successfully recovered their vital data, and considering the challenge imposed, the downtime was minimum.

Client Information:

  • Industry: Education (Public Middle School)
  • Storage System: Dell PowerVault ME5
  • RAID Configuration: RAID 6 with Dell ADAPT RAID
  • Nature of Data Loss: Multiple Hard Disk Failure Leading to RAID Degradation
  • Number of disks: 12x SSD 600Gb, 12x SAS 2Tb 10k, 24x SAS 13Tb 7.2k
  • Volume of Data Recovered: 63Tb (VMware virtual machines)

The customer relies on Dell PowerVault ME5 storage equipped with mixed disks for their data storage needs. After multiple disk crashes, the array went into degraded mode and the data became inaccessible. The complexity of this mixed storage system demanded a specialized approach to recover the data efficiently.

  • Disk failure impacting RAID performance
  • ADAPT RAID configuration degradation
  • Deep knowledge in file systems and data recovery algorithms
Our Approach:

Our team of data recovery specialists promptly addressed the distinctive challenges presented by the ADAPT RAID configuration. Drawing upon our extensive understanding of the Dell PowerVault ME5 storage system, we coded a specialized solution to realign all data fragments and retrieve the compromised data. A secondary storage was employed to store the rebuilt data from the original disks before extraction.

Key steps in our approach included:
  • Identification and replacement of the failed disks
  • Analysis of ADAPT RAID configuration for degraded components
  • Utilization of proprietary tools for data recovery
  • Verification of recovered data integrity


Our tailored approach and technical proficiency resulted in the successful recovery of all data affected by the hybrid disk failure and RAID degradation. The client’s critical information, initially jeopardized by the complexity of the storage system, was fully restored and verified for accuracy.

Benefits for the Client:

  • Full recovery of critical data from the hybrid disk failure
  • Restoration of ADAPT RAID configuration to optimal performance
  • Limited downtime, ensuring continuity in business operations

Turnaround: 23 days total (considering a massive 63Tb data copy)

Client Testimonial:

“We are immensely grateful for the exceptional service provided by The RAID Specialist team. Their expertise in the Dell PowerVault ME5 recovery, especially with hybrid disks and ADAPT RAID, was evident throughout the process. Their swift response and thorough understanding of our storage system allowed us to recover critical data without prolonged disruptions. We highly recommend The RAID Specialist for their specialized data recovery services.”

This successful DELL PowerVault ME5 storage data recovery case underscores our capability to navigate the complexities of hybrid disks and ADAPT RAID configurations. We remain dedicated to providing top-notch solutions for data recovery in advanced storage systems, ensuring our clients’ confidence in the security and resilience of their critical data.

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