With the continual increase in disk capacity, a key challenge lies in ensuring data protection and facilitating data reconstruction. While faster rebuild algorithms offer potential benefits, they often lead to highly complex recovery procedures, frequently requiring custom-built solutions.

We have a comprehensive understanding of how systems distribute parity data across disks, along with the ability to comprehend and craft customized solutions for the latest algorithms, including hybrid and nested systems, as well as the advanced RAID 2.0

What does really means “Complex Cases”?

Complex cases occurs when a RAID controller uses a non-standard algorithm to track data, rendering standard procedures ineffective. Most data recovery companies lack the expertise to understand these algorithms and often declare complex cases as unrecoverable. However, at our company, we have in-house software developers who can custom-build solutions for any scenario. This allows us to reassemble the file system and recover the data successfully.

If you have a situation that was deemed unrecoverable by another data recovery center, it might be due to their lack of the necessary knowledge to manage your case. Don’t give up on your critical data! Contact us today to see how our expertise can help you recover what others couldn’t.

Our team possesses the expertise and resources to tackle the most complex systems utilizing diverse proprietary RAID technologies, including:

By Technology:

  • RAID 2.0
  • DPDP (Double-Parity Data Protection)
  • Adapt RAID
  • vRAID
  • DDP (Dynamic Disk Pool)
  • Spectrum Scale RAID
  • ServeRAID
  • PowerHA
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By Brand/Model:

Dell EMC

Dell PowerEdge, PowerVault and VxRail devices

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HP Enterprise (HPE)

All HP EVA, Lefthand P4300/P4500, MSA 2040/2050, Nimble, 3PAR Series


Power Systems, System x, BladeCenter, TS7700, V3500/3700/v5000/v7000

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ThinkSystem SR650, SR665, DE4000, DE6000

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PRIMERGY RX2540 M5, RX2520 M5

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OceanStor 9000, TaiShan 200

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