How do we do it?

Good news: more than 92% of the data loss cases are recoverable. And the RAID Specialist team has dealt with thousands of different scenarios, so there is no challenge too big for us! No matter the brand, size, or problem, we know exactly which steps to take to recover your data.

adapt data recovery specialist Roswell, GA


To make sure we are able to do our best to recover your data, we will need your help. Here are a few things with which you can contribute.

Prior to sending your equipment, there is some information we ask you to take note:

  • Brand
  • Model of the server or storage unit
  • Controller model
  • Block size
  • Parity distribution
  • RAID level

and any other displayed details. Feel free to take screenshots for reference!


Label and identify disks: Number all disks and mark any that appear to be defective. If you have spare disks, label and mark them as well.

Retain replaced disks: If any disks were replaced and you still have them, they are just as important as the ones in use during the failure. We may need them for the recovery process.

Secure packing: safeguard your disks during shipping by wrapping them in bubble wrap. Place them in a suitably sized box and use paper filling or additional bubble wrap on all sides to create a protective cushion. Typically, you only need to send the disks, not the entire server/storage.

Drop off at any FedEx store using the provided FedEx Priority Overnight shipping label.

Please include a copy of the shipping label inside the box. You’re welcome to utilize an AirTag or tracking device for added peace of mind to prevent any potential loss during transit.

Providing us with as much information as possible about your environment will expedite the recovery process.